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Writing Letters For Action

Keep sending mail to Congress! Your Representative and Senators can only represent you if you keep them informed on your views. Here are some tips to help you write an effective letter.

1. Address it Properly

Contacting Members of the United States House of Representatives (Congress)

Should be addressed as:
The Honorable Matt Cartwright
United States House of Representatives

The Proper Salutation is:
Dear Congressman Cartwright

Contacting Members of the United States Senate

Should be addressed as:
The Honorable Robert P. Casey
United States Senator

The Proper Salutation is:
Dear Senator Casey

Contacting Members of the State General Assembly

Should be addressed as:
Representative or Senator

The Proper Salutation is:
Dear Representative or Dear Senator

Contacting Local Officials

Write them care of their city, town or county government address which can be found in your phone book or online.

2. Identify Yourself

Be sure to mention the state, congressional or legislative district, city or county in which you are a voter. Mention your local union affiliation as well.

3. Be Specific

When writing about legislation, use the bill number or the title if you know them. If not, briefly describe the issue that concerns you.

4. Be Timely

Write when the issue is current, not after a key vote has been taken.

5. Explain Your Position

As a worker, taxpayer, or a consumer, say in your own words how the bill or amendment will affect you. Don’t forget that a bill can change as it moves through the legislative process. So, urge our legislator to oppose crippling amendments or support strengthening ones.

6. Ask for a Response

Urge your legislator to take action-support or oppose a bill, co-sponsor an amendment or whatever action you would like taken. Request (don’t demand) a reply to your letter. This information will be helpful to the lobbying efforts of your local or international union, central labor council and state or national AFL-CIO.

Write it and Mail it!

Once you have taken the time to write a letter, don’t forget to mail it right away. Remember, the timeliness of you communication is as important as what you have written.